Momentum Wipes Canister Loader


Wipes Canister Loader

The non-wovens industry is quickly expanding, with an expected annual growth rate of 7.6% annually through 2018. One of the products in this category, canister wipes, is projected to be particularly in demand. With all this growth, there is a huge opportunity for converters. 

This raises one particular question. "How do we make all these wipes?".

To help with this issue, Product Handling Concepts is proud to offer our latest piece of non-woven automation equipment, the Momentumâ„¢ Wipes Canister Loader.

The Momentum is the fastest canister loader currently being offered specifically to the non-wovens market, being able to load product at twice the rate of other market offerings. One Momentum is able to take the complete output of more than two Elsner ENR-1000 non-woven re-winders.

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