Momentum Wipes Canister Loader





Momentum Wipes Canister Loader

When we set out to create the Momentum we had a very specific goal. Create the fastest, most reliable canister loading machine with an emphasis on safety and a return on customer investment.


Your personnel have better things to do than stuff canisters. Momentum is able to do a task that would usually take 5 people, reducing that requirement to just one person to oversee the operation of the machine. Where Momentum has been installed not only have the nonwoven manufacturers been able to better utilize their staff, they have also been able to increase production from 2 shifts to around the clock production.

Change over was another area where we focused our attention on, knowing that reducing the time required to make new products is important. Using tooless interchangeable parts PHC has reduced the changeover time to less than 30 minutes for a single individual. Watch the time laps video below to see the change over process.


A piece of equipment is only as good as the product is produces. Momentum is no exception. Two custom machined sets of changeover parts are included in the cost of each machine and manufactured per customer specifications to ensure tight control of the product, with more sets available upon request. In addition, proper functioning is monitored at the discharge with an array of sensors to check for tipped, empty, or partially filled. Any defective product is rejected before it can continue down the production line.

The Momentum itself is manufactured with the highest quality construction. It is built upon a stainless steel frame that is powder coated to maximize the life of the equipment. It looks great too. It is controlled by components from Rockwell Automation, of which Product Handling Concepts is a certified provider.


Health and Safety

The Momentum was created to remove the strain that manual loading has on a nonwovens producers work force. Loading canisters by hand is a strenuous and slow task, especially when the rolled product needs to be compressed in order to fit in the canister. By automating the process we remove the human element, reducing the health issues that come with repetitive and laborious work.

Momentum is also safe to work around. The machine is fully enclosed and wired with Rockwell Automation safety switches to kill power when any door is opened.

Return on Investment

Investing in equipment only makes sense if you can make that investment back in a reasonable amount of time. Product Handling Concepts understands this. Not only is Momentum the fastest rotatory stuffer on the market, it is also competitively priced with our competition, meaning that for the same price you can produce more with less human intervention. Most customers can expect to see a complete ROI in as little as 12 months.

Rolled nonwoven product on two tabletop conveyors before being stuffed into canisters with the Momentum

Project Management and Line Integration

In addition to designing and manufacturing the Momentum, Product Handling Concepts offers complete line integration and project management. Bring us your production needs and we will work with you to create the best possible manufacturing line for your nonwoven production. Using your requirements we will create a detailed layout with the best equipment possible from our range of conveyors, orientation devices, laners, and access equipment. If needed we will determine the best 3rd party source for more specialized equipment such as pallet wrappers, tray formers, and fillers. We will then see the final solution, approved by you, through from the design phase all the way through installation, start up, and maintenance.

Want to know more?

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Momentum Wipes Cansiter Loader