Wouldn't it be great if all your machines ran at the same rate down a single line? Sure would make the life of a plant manager or engineer simpler. Unfortunately that ideal is seldom reality. Often multiple pieces of one type of equipment are needed to keep up with another device up or downstream. Perhaps it is a log saw that can't keep up with a wrapper, or a bundler that needs to feed multiple case packers. These situations call for laners.

Laners offer the ability to redistribute a large volume of product at a rapid pace. Using either a series of pneumatic paddles or servo driven gates, a laner can take one or multiple lines of product and redistribute them to fit your production needs. If a device is down for maintenance or change over the product can be redistributed to other equipment. Or maybe different manufacturing machines are producing product at a different rate. A laner can balance those outputs so that the different packing operations all receive the same amount of product.

Laners are the traffic cops of the production line, making sure that everything keeps running smoothly.


  • PHC Standard Reliability Package
  • Customer Driven Standards
  • System Communication
  • Field Commissioning 
  • In House and Field Training
  • Complete Functional Manual
  • HMI Monitors
  • Integral or Remote Panel

Features and Options

  • Sturdy Welded / Bolted Structure
  • Sliding Roller Style Access Doors
  • Motorized or Hand Wheel Adjustment
  • Auto Adjust for Product Variation
  • Horizontal or Vertical  Servo Motion
  • Light Curtain Guarding
  • Fabric or Mod Belt Base Conveyors

Helix Twist


Sometimes you need support

There are several ways to rotate a product onto its side when being conveyed between equipment. For those products that need more support because they are fragile or can easily be tipped over, a helix twist is a good fit.

A helix twist can be made out of table top chain, rollers, or timing belts depending on the product needs. A timing belt will have the most control over a products orientation, grabbing it on all 4 sides, while rollers and table top allow for more flexibility. Helix twists can also be coupled with a section of bypass conveyor, allowing for quick and automated product line change over.


Dual Belt Rotator

Dual Belt Rotator

Going for a spin

One of the most common types of orientation devices that Product Handling Concepts manufactures are dual belt rotators. Using two modular belts traveling at different speeds, a dual belt rotator can spin just about any product 90 or 180 degrees. Different sized products can be accommodated by modifying the speeds of the belts.

Right Angle Transfer

Right Angle Transfer


When you want to rotate something 90 degrees and also need to round a curve, you can take advantage of the situation with a right angle transfer. Using metering belts, the right angle transfer can also be used to combine two lines, doubling as a indexing merge.



Pop Up Transfer

Pop up transfer


Those gaps in the Motor Driven Roller (MDR) or the Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) conveyors come in handy when manipulating heavy loads. With the ability to fit in tight spaces, pop up transfers use belts mounted to thin frames to move product off the roller. Its perfect for sorting out those heavy loads that CDLR and MDR are so good at moving.

Sweep Transfer

Sweep Transfer


Not enough space to turn around? A sweep transfer can move your product with no need to curve the conveyor while also performing a 180 degree rotation. Maybe you just want to reject something that is too big for a blow off? Sweeps can help there too with fast and simple operation.



Bottoms up

When the top of your product needs to become the side or bottom a starwheel is a great solution. Starwheels grab a product from both sides and rotate it 90 degrees forward. Product Handling Concepts custom designs the profile of each star to match your product for reliable positioning and timing. 

Upender Arms

Upender Arms


Sometimes you don't need a piece of conveyor to upend your product. For larger boxes and bundled products an Upender Arm is a simple addition to a conveyor system, rotating the product around its access and flipping it onto its side.