Going up?

Sometimes there is not enough space to use a standard incline or decline conveyor, even with cleats or high friction inserts. In these cases a gripper could be the best option to get your product where it needs to go. 

Grippers operate by grabbing a product on its side using a table top conveyor chain with rubber bulb inserts. Once in its firm grasp, a gripper then moves the product at any angle required, even straight up or down. By making the spacing between the chains adjustable, a range of products sizes can be accommodated.

The unique operation of a gripper means that it can also function as a variety of devices. Using the spacing of the chains, a gripper can function as a vertical gate or bypass, allowing product to either be moved vertically or pass through. A "C style" gripper can be used as an upender, flipping the product 180 degrees before releasing it. For access requirements a humpback gripper will allow for personnel or equipment access while never letting go of the packaging.