Hydraulic Tilt Table

Hydraulic Tilt Table

Be Uplifted.  

When it comes to handling heavy loads, easier and safer is always better. 

The Hydraulic Tilt Table provides improved access to heavy materials and products by raising them to an ergonomic height thus reducing repetitive bending and stretching motions for the operator. 


  • Counter-balance valves on cylinder to hold position on power loss
  • Adjustable limit switches for precise positioning
  • Durable powder-coat finish available in a variety of colors
  • Easy operation with remote operator panel
  • Light-curtain safety system
  • V-guide for roll positioning
  • Measuring scale for easy product height documentation
  • Up to 3500lb Capacity
  • Up to 52” pallet
  • 107” product height including pallet
  • Base can be recessed into floor for ease of operator access in down position
  • Pallet at floor level in up-position with recessed base
  • Rear-mounted hydraulic cylinder for a low-profile
  • Hydraulic power
  • Independently adjustable actuator speed in both directions