Welcome to PHC's Newest Team Member: Carl Buchanan

PHC is proud to welcome the newest member of our Engineering Team, Carl Buchanan. Carl joins the team in the capacity of CAD Administer / Manager Engineering Services. He brings to PHC over 25 years of engineering experience and over 20 years of experience as a decorated Mechanical Design instructor at Fox Valley Technical College.

Carl enjoys helping customers tackle complex problems. In fact, one of his groundbreaking solutions earned him a US Patent for a Web dryer apparatus having ventilating and impingement air bar assemblies.

Carl’s success in the field of engineering comes as no surprise. Originally from the East Coast, his father was an engineer at Kimberly-Clark. Carl fondly remembers tagging along and coloring on blueprints. His mother’s family also owned a number of factories so his exposure to manufacturing began at a young age.

Carl thrives as part of a team and finds a good fit at PHC, citing the terrific chemistry of the Engineering Team as a key motivator for coming on board. He is an enthusiastic, competent, and witty addition to the dynamic team and is quickly gaining a reputation for working exceptionally well under pressure.

Carl is particularly looking forward to capitalizing on the standards and outsourcing opportunities he sees for Product Handling Concepts.

The PHC Team is certainly fortunate to have Carl’s experience and talent on board and we look forward to witnessing his insightful contributions to PHC’s rapid growth unfold. Please join us in extending him a hearty welcome.