New Case Study - Increase Pick-and-Place Speed by 100%

Many of our manufacturing partners are interested in exploring ways in which robotic automation can improve productivity but aren't sure where to start. Pick-and-place processes are a great first step, due to the strenuous and tedious nature of the work.

We've partnered with Yaskawa Motoman to give you a behind-the-scenes look at exactly how you can use a pick-and-place robot to systematically boost productivity, eliminate downtime and increase safety.

Today we are proud to present a case study which provides clear evidence of the benefits of a pick-and-place robot. Highlights from the study include:


  • Increase speed of dosing cup pick-and-place application
  • Eliminate risk of injury
  • Eliminate frequent backlog of dosing cups


  • Automate the placement of dosing cups on the array of bottle sizes
  • Design a conveying system and Robotic Dosing Cup Applicator utilizing a MotomanĀ® MPP3S delta-style robot and compact FS100 controller
  • Design a solution that ensures that the backlog does not stack up in a way that requires the operator to use a step stool or ladder to load more product


  • The MPP3 robot picks and places dosing cups on the bottles at a rate of 120 per minute, more than a 100 percent increase over the manual process
  • The challenge of and delay from dosing cups sticking together was eliminated
  • Because the automated system handles placing the dosing cups on each bottle, one of the workers can now handle more critical duties in the plant