First Look! The VantageCaser in Action

It's here! Your first look inside the best-in-class case packer.

The VantageCaser is an adjustable speed horizontal-load case packer that boasts:

  • Up to 22 cases per minute powered by Pro V controls technology and servo driven components
  • 10-20% faster than the next closest high-speed case packers and 50% faster than the rest of the field
  • Robotic KDF Management System
  • Easy access HMI’s with menu driven SKU selection
  • Compact footprint
  • Large case range with 25% fewer change parts and grade change adjustments
  • Shrink to fit Ergo-Guards for ultimate personal safety
  • Can be equipped with a state-of-art PHC Laner or other end-of-line packaging and product handling equipment by PHC
  • Designed for “next stage” development with integrated bundlers
  • Full service support for installation, start-up and commissioning