AutoRail Overhead

Quick Changeover

Miles of guide rail can take forever to adjust when changing over your production line. AutoRail can massively simplify and speed up that process by reducing the operation to just spinning a wheel or pushing a button. Hand wheels with numerical indicators allow you to easily relocate AutoRail in predefined positions, and motor operated AutoRail can take the automation even further by integrating the controls with the rest of your equipment.

Retractable Conveyor

Retractable Modular Belt Conveyor

Now you see it

Retractables offer access without the need for lifting. You can choose between either a simple fixed frame or more compact telescoping designs for tighter spaces.

Lift Gates

Lift Gate

Easy Access

PHC Lift Gates are designed for smooth and effortless operation. Featuring precisely balanced counter weights and options for locking mechanisms, the lift gate is one of the simplest access options.

Humpback Gripper

Humpback Gripper


No space for elevated conveyor and no ability to interrupt your conveyor line? Humpback grippers get product up and down quickly in a small footprint. Featuring the same gripper chain as our vertical grippers, a humpback gripper grabs a product from its side and elevates the product allowing personnel and equipment to pass underneath.