Table Top Conveyor

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When it comes to moving product from one location to another, it does not get simpler than a table top conveyor.

A table top conveyor chain is created by joining together a series of slats or links, similar to a bike chain. These linked slats are then guided along a path made by a series or wear strips, usually made of oil, impregnated wood, or ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW). The strips are held in place by a metal frame which is supported by either the floor on legs or suspended from the ceiling on drop down hangers.

The simplicity of table tops makes it a very versatile chain for several other types of applications as well. You can use multiple lines on a large frame to create a single filer or extra space for product accumulation. More specialized variations of table top chain are used in manipulation devices such as grippers and helical twists.