Compact Size

  • Can go in small brownfield sites without other tearouts
  • New sites have reduced building space requirements
  • Fits in a truck without tearing apart
  • No field re-wiring (debug time and start up)

Machine Intelligence

  • Remote monitoring to Operator Cell phone
  • OEE & other advanced analytics
  • Major outage notices sent directly to PHC for remediation availability


  • 1200 machines to our team's credit
  • Latest servo design

Lowest Cost of Ownership

  • Smallest footprint
  • Low power requirements
  • Common OEM spec`d parts
  • Fewest moving parts
  • Fully automatic & unattended operation
  • Convenient factory testing

Operator Safety & Livability

  • ErgoGuard
  • No reach-in
  • Auto Adjust
  • Full machine viewing
  • Reduced jams
  • Easy to understand operation
  • System matched with PHC laner and conveyor systems


An adjustable speed horizontal-load case packer that boasts:

  • Up to 22 cases per minute powered by Pro V controls technology and servo driven components
  • 10-20% faster than the next closest high-speed case packers and 50% faster than the rest of the field
  • Robotic KDF Management System
  • Easy access HMI’s with menu driven SKU selection
  • Compact footprint
  • Large case range with 25% fewer change parts and grade change adjustments
  • Shrink to fit Ergo-Guards for ultimate personal safety
  • Can be equipped with a state-of-art PHC Laner or other end-of-line packaging and product handling equipment by PHC
  • Designed for “next stage” development with integrated bundlers
  • Full service support for installation, start-up and commissioning

Premium Model

Value Model


3. Health and Safety Friendly

  • Doors are interlocked and monitored
  • Shrink to fit Ergo Guards allow hard to reach access without reaching
  • Easy access HMI’s
  • E-Stops on all sides

4. Improved Return On Investment

  • High speed, less absorption, more capacity
  • Smaller footprint; higher revenue per sq. ft. of floor space
  • Fewer change parts, more uptime, reliability and lower maintenance costs

1. Improved productivity provided by:

  • Higher speed and reliability
  • Servo driven design throughout
  • Fewer change parts/shorter change over time

2. Improved quality as a result of:

  • Robust carton indexing
  • Automated flap
  • Integrated compression system
  • Fewer change parts and grade change adjustments