A Day in the Life

Get to know a PHC Engineer

What is a typical day in the office like for PHC’s most affable Mechanical Engineer, Eric Boylan? He couldn’t tell you – and he likes it that way. Eric’s favorite thing about working at PHC is that there is no such thing as a typical day. Rather, every day poses a new, exciting challenge and the opportunity to make a tangible impact. He doesn’t spend his time staring at his computer screen, blinking to stay awake while listening to the hum of florescent lights. Instead, Eric’s busy days are spent collaborating with an inspired team of engineers, interacting with customers and lending a hand in every facet of the organization.

If you’ve done business with PHC, there is a good chance you’ve spoken with Eric. He has been with the company since 2009, first as an intern while attending Michigan Technological University. He graduated in 2012, Majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Minoring in Electrical Engineering at which time he came on board with PHC full time. Since then, he’s taken on a wide array of responsibilities and worked particularly hard to forge strong relationships with PHC’s partners.

Eric is no stranger to hard work. The Wrightstown, WI native has been working on his parents’ farm since he could walk. In fact, his work on the farm is what first drew him to engineering. He found he possessed a genuine interest in learning how the equipment worked. He would often take things apart and attempt to put them back together…with varying levels of success.

Lucky for PHC (and our customers!) his skills have since improved and he’s become a valued member of the incredibly talented team of engineers that are the driving force behind Product Handling Concepts' success.

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