Looking Towards 2016

2015 has been an incredible year for the Product Handling Concepts Team but with 2016 fast approaching, we are turning our gazes towards the year ahead - and for good reason. 2016 is primed to be a year teeming with growth and innovation for PHC. Building upon our proven reputation for excellence, 2016 is the year our pension for fearlessly undertaking the most challenging projects will allow us to make our mark, heighten manufacturing industry standards and defy what is considered possible in the world of automation.

In 2016 our focus will be on:

1. The Launch of the VantageCaser

At up to 22 cases per minute, the VantageCaser is arguably the most reliable case packer for BT, KT, Facial and AFH tissue production. The first production unit is scheduled to be unveiled in April and ready to ship by May 1, 2016.

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2. Expanding the PHC Team

Broadening our capabilities and expertise to better serve our customers means adding to our talented team. The PHC Team has grown steadily throughout 2015 and the growth will continue throughout 2016. Thus far our new team members have brought to the table comprehensive control system design and programming proficiencies garnered from experience working with a myriad of intricate automated systems. The innovators brought on board in 2016 will continue to add to our expansive fields of expertise.

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3. Enhancing our Role as a System Integrator

In 2016 we aim to utilize our multi-platform experience to benefit our customers in a big way. Largescale projects can require multiple equipment manufactures as well as various control equipment suppliers. The PHC Team has the capacity to work as a project management resource and single point-of-contact to eradicate the complications and communication difficulties that can arise when many parties are involved. Offering procurement, construction, budget development and turnkey assistance, in 2016 our focus will increasingly be on helping our customers optimize efficiency and close competitive gaps.

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4. Market Diversification

With new additions to our team, our diversified expertise has allowed us to strengthen our position beyond our traditional Tissue and Towel markets into markets such as Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals/ Nutraceuticals and Light Industrial. These are markets that we look forward to delving even deeper into in 2016.

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Happy 2016 from the PHC Team. We look forward to working with you in the New Year!

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