Past Projects We Love

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and candy hearts line the grocery store shelves. In fact, the image of hearts is pretty much inescapable this time of year. Which makes it an excellent time to reflect on what it is we truly care about and what makes us tick. For PHC, our team loves nothing more than taking on complicated production line challenges and devising innovative solutions. Here’s a look back at a few of the beloved projects from the PHC vault.

Pneumatic Vertical Switch - 2010

In 2010 PHC engineered and manufactured a vertical switch intended for use in the Food Industry. This Switch had two lanes and fed two (2) different positions. Straight through for normal run conditions and lowered for feeding a hand pack line. The Switch was designed to receive cartons in two infeed lanes and discharge the cartons into 2 (2) two lane discharge points. The Switch reacts to downstream level conditions and maintains proper levels for Case Packer performance. There are two levels of conveyor that discharge this unit, an upper line and a lower line. This Switch can either be level when transporting cartons to feed the Case Packer or declining when transporting the cartons to a Hand Pack Area.

Naked Roll Transportation Conveyor – 2009

In 2009 PHC engineered and manufactured product handling equipment for the transportation and laning of naked bathroom tissue rolls, household towel rolls and wrapped packages of bathroom tissue and household towel. The two-motor conveyor is a four lane, four strand table top conveyor that successfully transports naked rolls of household towel from the three lane Log Saw discharge and transfers them to the Wrapper infeed.

MDR System - 2011

In 2011 we engineered and manufactured product handling equipment to orient, elevate and accumulate trays of product for the Food Industry. The system begins at the discharge of an existing Tray Packer Shrink Tunnel. Trays of product are reoriented 90 degrees with a date coded Urethane Belt Transfer. The trays are then elevated via a MDR Inclined Spiral to a MDR Overhead Accumulation area and to the infeed of an existing Palletizer.

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