Manufacturing Nightmares

Production Floor Ghost Town

The stage is set for this horror story. An eerily quiet production floor, dark and still. Not a (living) soul in sight.


This spooky scene is the result of one of the most prevalent concerns in manufacturing today – a shortage of skilled manufacturing labor to take the place of retiring workers and facilitate growth.

A 2015 report from Deloitte surmised that roughly 22% of skilled manufacturing workers will retire over the next decade. Citing a multitude of factors, the report posits that the manufacturing sector is projected to fall 2.0 million workers short of what would be required to meet demand.

There are a number of approaches a company might take to address the shortage and avoid being haunted by reduced productivity and an inability to meet demand, as a result. For instance, many companies are forging partnerships with local educational institutions, introducing apprenticeship programs and actively working to reduce turnover.

Other companies are responding to the crisis by turning to automation. Automating a variety of steps in the production process can not only address labor shortages but can also increase productivity.

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The Downtime Nightmare

PHC Downtime

Lost production. Delayed customer orders. Waste. Overtime. These are just some of the horrors of manufacturing downtime. It’s no secret that downtime is an impediment to achieving manufacturing efficiency but this is one nightmare from which you can surely awake.

The definitive best practice for decreasing down time is Preventative Maintenance. It may seem obvious but in the midst of the daily humming, whirring and flurry of production, routine maintenance can fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, regular use takes a big toll on equipment. Without diligent maintenance, machines will inevitably wear down. Rather than waiting for your machinery to break down, employ preventative maintenance strategies.

This can entail small but effective steps such as:

  • replacing parts on a fixed schedule
  • adding lubricants when necessary and
  • eradicating dust accumulation

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The Curse of Stagnation


In any industry it is easy to fall under the spell of complacency. Manufacturers are no different. However, those not willing to evolve in terms of both product and production process are doomed to fall by the wayside. Constantly evaluating ways in which to remain innovative, increasingly efficient and relevant in the current economy is the only way to break the horrid curse.

Often, a fresh set of experienced eyes is all it takes to set in motion new and fruitful innovations on your plant floor. To get in touch with a member of the PHC Team and get the ball rolling, fill out a contact form here:

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