5 Tips For Increasing OEE

1. Eliminate Minor Stops

Integration issues between various machines in a production line can be common.
Machine and conveyor speeds must be accurately programmed to successfully balance product flow.

2. Turnkey Integration

The right turnkey system integrator can assure the success of automating a manufacturing line by applying their expertise to ensure machines are working in harmony.

3. Elimiate Waste

Establish the underlying cause behind scrapped parts and pinpoint process control parameters that effect the quality variable.

4. Reduce Changeover Time

Machinery downtime equals loss of productivity and reduced profitability. The right equipment can eliminate changeover time entirely by seamlessly facilitating product variation.

5. Educate Employees

Train employees to understand how decreasing downtime relates to the efficiency of the entire manufacturing process. Ensure they are aware of the specific relevance of their role in the process and their contribution to overall OEE strategy.

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