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Designing Packaging for Baby Boomers

Packaging for an aging generation

Nancy Brown of CBX writing on Packaging World about designing packaging for baby boomers.

Packaging is a strategic tool that brands can use to connect with this audience. After all, this demographic still likes to touch actual products (as opposed to younger generations, who are more comfortable with online shopping), and the right visuals and copy can nab these consumers right there in the aisle. Whether a brand is trying to appear more youthful, reinventing a product commonly associated with aging, or subtly conveying that they just happen to tackle the issues that are relevant to this age group, there are a variety of ways to go about reaching this growing audience of older consumers.

Ms. Brown has some good points on packaging and what brands can do to reach this growing demographic.

Her main suggestions include:

  1. Updating up an old brand to make it feel younger.
  2. Making something easier to open or a label easier to read. I think this can apply to more than just baby boomers. Have you tried opening toy packaging?
  3. Making elderly feel like a kid again For instance selling vitamins similar to the ones we give kids. My children love their gummy bear vitamin D. (Living in Wisconsin we don’t get a lot of sun in the winter).

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