How to Help Your Equipment Motors Beat the Heat

Servo motors on the infeed of a Laner.

Keeping our conveyor motors cool is usually not a problem. They can get warm but the ambient air and their onboard fan or is enough to cool them off. These types of motors are called ‘totally enclosed fan cooled’, or TEFC. Counterintuitively, heat can become an issue when we are not running our motors fast enough, as the fan connected to the drive shaft is not moving a large enough amount of air.

Even in tight compartments, such as our Laners, where we can have 8 or more motors in close proximity, we don’t need a lot of cooling. We have equipment installed all over the world, such as Mexico, and even there its not making anyone sweat.

Say you do have a heat concerns with your motors. Bill Bertram, writing on Engineering Live, has a good rundown of various ways for motors to beat the heat.

The simplest form of heat dispersal is through conduction into the surrounding air or structure of the driven machinery. To assist with this, a heat sink – usually a finned block of aluminium with a large surface area – can be affixed to the motor to absorb the heat and dissipate it quickly to atmosphere. A variation of this is found on many industrial motors, which have a finned cover over much of their body length.

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